Happy Raksha Bandhan 2013!

I would like to wish my brother and all my cousin brothers a happy Raksha Bandhan!!! Raksha Bandan is a Hindu holiday which celebrates the relationship between brothers and sisters (including cousins).

I was able to celebrate with my brother and some of my cousin brothers when I was home in Detroit a little over a week ago. We had a family picnic where my cousin Varsha brought enough rakhis (they are like friendship bracelets) for us to tie on the guys. We are a little silly when we tie the rakhis because we line up in an assembly line. We tie, feed a sweet, hug, then have the girls rotate.

Check out the pictures below (courtesy of Amit and Niel).

Baldev Retirement-0296

The Cousins!

Baldev Retirement-0255

All lined up for Raksha Bandhan

Baldev Retirement-0256

The rakhi tying begins

Baldev Retirement-0259

Dina and Dilip

Baldev Retirement-0280

Me and my brother

Baldev Retirement-0267

Ritesh and Dina

Baldev Retirement-0271

Sima and Mahesh

Baldev Retirement-0277

The crushing hug from Mahesh!

Baldev Retirement-0263

Varsha feeding sweets to Harshad
Baldev Retirement-0356

All the rakhis!

Baldev Retirement-0315

Cousins have fun!



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