Sanay and Jenn’s Maine Wedding – Saturday Daytime Activities!

After spending the first night at the lobster bake at Sanay and Jenn’s wedding, we spent the daytime prior to the wedding exploring Migis Lodge. Jayanti Uncle, Manju Masi, Dina, Amit, Suhayla, and Shayan went on a morning hike followed up by a bag lunch on the motor boat on Sebago Lake. We had an acorn vs pine cone lesson during our hike for Suhayla and someone else. 😉 From the pictures you will notice that Shayan slept through the hike and the boat ride! We ended the day with a quick visit to Sanay’s cabin as he was getting ready! It was a great day to relax and enjoy the lodge before prepping for the wedding! Next post…Sanay and Jenn’s wedding!

Sanay Jenn Wedding Maine 5.13-0110 Sanay Jenn Wedding Maine 5.13-0087 Sanay Jenn Wedding Maine 5.13-0083 Sanay Jenn Wedding Maine 5.13-0090 Sanay Jenn Wedding Maine 5.13-0095 Sanay Jenn Wedding Maine 5.13-0101 Sanay Jenn Wedding Maine 5.13-0102IMG_1001  IMG_1005


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