Sanay and Jenn’s Maine Wedding – Friday Night Lobster Bake

It’s been a while since I have posted and there haven’t been any pictures from 2013. I plan to change that and become a regular poster again! You will have to keep me on my toes!!! 🙂

My first post of 2013 will start off with my cousin Sanay’s wedding that took place back at Migis Lodge in Casco, Maine. It was an amazing location for a destination wedding and we couldn’t have asked for better weather in the beginning of May. Jenn and Sanay did a great job in planning out the weekend that began with a lobster bake on Friday evening. Not only was it my first time visiting Maine but it was my first lobster bake and I had no idea how to get the meat out of the lobster but I was guided to yumminess! Enjoy the pics from Friday evening and stay tuned for my next posts for pictures from the wedding!!!

Sanay Jenn Wedding Maine 5.13-0020 Sanay Jenn Wedding Maine 5.13-0078 Sanay Jenn Wedding Maine 5.13-0023 Sanay Jenn Wedding Maine 5.13-0027 Sanay Jenn Wedding Maine 5.13-0015 Sanay Jenn Wedding Maine 5.13-0009 Sanay Jenn Wedding Maine 5.13-0008Sanay Jenn Wedding Maine 5.13-0011Sanay Jenn Wedding Maine 5.13-0019 Sanay Jenn Wedding Maine 5.13-0037Sanay Jenn Wedding Maine 5.13-0002 Sanay Jenn Wedding Maine 5.13-0066 Sanay Jenn Wedding Maine 5.13-0075 Sanay Jenn Wedding Maine 5.13-0032


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