Lima at Night

I spent the evening in Lima on my own! I didn’t make any friends like I had hoped but I did make some discoveries! I was walking around in a section of Lima called Miraflores. Here I ran into a crowd and discovered that there was a band and people were dancing. Men would go up to women and ask them to dance, I wondered if they knew each other or if they were strangers. I thought it was great!

Then I went on an evening bus tour of Lima. While I was waiting for the bus to take off, I watched a couple get their caricature drawn in the same park as the dancing. There were also artists selling their artwork. The highlight of the tour was going to the fountain park (as I like to call it) called Parque de la Reserva. There were tons of fountains and the grand finale was the fountain that projected dancers on the water. It was so fun!!!

After my tour I discovered an amazing place that served churros but I will tell you more about it in a future post!











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